Name: Julia Cassar
Age:   6 
Title:  The Missing Treasure 

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Julia. She had a family and she lived with her mum, dad and her brother Jake. One day they went into a forest, which had lot of plants, trees and animals. 


They started walking in the forest as they wanted to find a missing treasure. There they found a bear that had a lot of baby bears with him. The bear was called Bruno. The bear told them, “Can you take care of my baby bears?”. They replied, “We will take care of them after we find the missing treasure”. 


Then they continued looking around in the forest. Then they saw a snake who was called Silly Cobra. The snake said “The treasure is not here. You should look somewhere else”. Julia’s family did not listen to the Silly Cobra as they knew he was trying to trick them.


After this, they continued looking in the forest. They walked and walked until it got dark. They were thirsty and hungry. They started a fire and cooked the food that they had in their bags. In the middle of nowhere, they found Jake’s and Julia’s soft toy, which had been missing. The name of the soft toy was Squirtle.


They slept through the night and woke up in the morning. They started running to find the treasure. They got to a big waterfall. Julia saw a cave behind the water and went in to look. Julia got wet! Inside the cave, Julia found the treasure which had lots of gems, diamonds and gold. They had found the missing treasure!


They took the treasure and went back to the Silly Cobra to tell him that they had found the missing treasure. He got angry. Then they went to speak to Bruno and Julia’s familty took care of the babies. He wanted to go to look for the missing treasure as he did not know that Julia’s family had already found it.


Julia and her family had a lot of fun playing with the cute baby bears.

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