Name: Ella Pace
Age:   6
Title:  The Magical Snow Globe 

One day Ella was helping granny cleaning. They were in the attic seeing what things they are going to throw away.  There was a very pretty, purple box and Ella was curious to see what was inside.  She was very happy to find a snow globe.  Inside the snow globe there was a kangaroo.  Ella was surprised that the kangaroo was waving to her.  Even if Ella was scared, she still took it with her and hid it from granny.  

She told her grandma “Granny I am tired can I go downstairs”.  Her grandma agreed.  Downstairs she told her cousin Emma that she found a magical snow globe and showed it to her.  Emma did not want to believe that the snow globe was magical but the kangaroo heard Emma and waved to her and laughed.  Emma started shouting “Is that true or you are playing a joke on me”.  Ella replied “I told you it is magical but you did not want to believe me”. 

After looking at the snow globe very well, Emma noticed a button. Ella was curious to press it.  Ella thought that something magically would happen if she presses the button.  She pressed the button, and the snow globe became BIGGER and BIGGER and a big door appeared.  The door opened, and the cousins went into the snow globe and everything came SMALL again, even Ella and Emma.  “Holly Molly, in the snow globe there is a whole village not only the kangaroo” said Ella. 

The kangaroo went to meet the girls and told them that he will take them for a tour around the village.  When they arrived in the market, some people from the village saw them.  They were all grumpy.  The people started fighting with the kangaroo, because he broke the rule of letting people into the snow globe.  Everybody was angry with the kangaroo.  The kangaroo explained that the kids were special. They were the ones who found the snow globe and they can put it back into the box.  The kangaroo explained to the kids that they want to stay in the dark box because they have magical colourful light that glows in the village in the dark.  This magical light makes them happy.  Ella and Emma said “Ok, we will put you back in the box”.

To say thank you, the kangaroo gave them two keychains to remember their adventure in Kangarema.  The keychains were magical and the kids can use them when they are sad to make them happy.  The kids said bye to everybody and left the snow globe.  Then the kids went up in the attic and put the snow globe back in the purple box.  Ella and Emma decided to hide the box so nobody can find it.  The kids were excited for another adventure in the attic. 

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