Name: Benjamin Sam Briffa
Age:   10
Title:  The Good Prisoner

It was the start of the Second World War. Fred had lived with his father for most of his life after his mother died when he was two. But with the onset of the war his father had to help his country and fight so he sent a nanny to take care of Fred. Living on a farm his whole life Fred knew how to farm but the work started to get heavy. Fortunately a prisoner of war was taken in to help on the farm as the harvest was nearing. This prisoner was a nice guy who had been forced to help the Nazis but really he wanted to be a good man. He did his work well and was friends with Fred. But one ugly day Fred receives a letter from his father telling him he was captured by the Nazis and taken to a prison camp by Lake Eibsee. The next day Fred and the prisoner pack their bags with sandwiches and drinks, a gun for emergencies, two sleeping bags, two lighters and a pen knife. Then they set off! 

They walked for a day to the nearest train tracks. During the cold night they lit a fire to keep warm, ate some sandwiches and managed to get some rest. Finally a cargo train heading to southern Britain passed and they hopped on. They slept on the train and when morning came they had a guzzle of water and a few bites of sandwich for breakfast. They stayed on the train for three days and three nights until it reached southern Britain. The voyage was uncomfortable and they were happy when it ended. For four days and three nights they lived outdoors, in the fresh air. Luckily they found a soup kitchen so they didn’t need to eat more of their stock of sandwiches. They went to the kitchen every day for lunch and dinner. After four days a British cargo boat was about to leave for France so they got on. They were happy on the trip but poor Fred 
was missing his father. The prisoner was thankful to find paper on the boat because they could play Hangman and OXO. They finally reached France and walked to another soup kitchen because they were ravenous. After getting their bellies full they set off to find a train which would take them to Germany close to the camp where Fred’s father was held. They reached the back of the camp where the Nazis were not patrolling. They cut the barbed wire and ran in! In the main room they could see Nazi uniforms but there were also some Nazis. The prisoner had an idea! He rang a shot with his gun to make the Nazis go out to check what happened. The prisoner ran in, grabbed a uniform, put it on and ran towards the British section. He found Fred’s father and they ran out towards Fred! They escaped together and were safe! 

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