Name: Chanel Formosa
Age:   9 
Title:  Teardrops

The dawn of a new day saw a quieter place with lonely slides, deserted beaches, closed shutters, disappearing traffic and abandoned schools. Where did all the children go? Were they hiding or something? Unbelievable if you had to see it from the 2019 lens; unescapable to see it from the 2020 eyes (of even the youngest child), but what about embarking on adventure now to help us seeing it all through 2021 binoculars? Would it still look unbelievable, unescapable?  
Close your eyes for a while and help me take you on this adventure… Are you ready?  
The clock on my bedside table marks 11:59, 31st December 2020… one minute for the greatest countdown of all times… children all around the world united, beating the chill outside and in chorus, from their gallery, terrace or garden, chant breathlessly 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, …. Just then they all look up at the glittery midnight sky and above their heads, clouds form to cover a victorious territory. As a sigh of relief is felt in the air, raindrops pelt down to reach the ground, if you could ever call them so. They were large, almost like diamonds, and as children opened their arms to reach them, they found themselves caught entrapped in them. The drops bounced back to the air, taking each child on a new journey.  
Caught in awe, in the midst of such quest, the children were taken to see a brighter future, awaiting for them in the new year. They tunneled along the clouds, with their eyes widely opened, to see at last the once solitary playing fields full of children playing, running, swinging… the beaches with sparkling crystal seas and spotless coasts welcoming all sort of exploration and castle building… the smooth purring, flow of land and air traffic connecting destinations, countries and cultures… the schools… finally were all set, refurbished with opened doors from where a beautiful morning hymn was heard being chanted beautifully as everyone sang, thanking God, in chorus for a new, new….a new year, a new beginning!  
Just then we realised that these drops were simply the Earth’s tears. At the break of dawn, teardrops dragged each child back to the place where each belonged, home! A place which saw many tears of joy and laughter, of sadness and desperateness, of confusion and entrapment. The Earth cried when we hurt her, when we neglected her, when we fought her…. But it wanted to remind us that she cared and caught us in its tears. As such we promise to be a better, stronger selves in a better world until the time comes!  

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