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Did you know that Parkinson’s disease is the fastest growing neurodegenerative disease in the world? Globally there are 10 million people with Parkinson’s disease, with approximately 1,400 in Malta, although this number is estimated to be much higher in reality. 

Isolation & depression coincide with Parkinson’s disease, due to the stigma around Parkinson’s disease. There are also physical, psychological and financial burdens related to being a caregiver of a person with Parkinson’s disease, and there is not enough support for this demographic. Movement classes have shown to improve coordination, motor skills and balance as well as the overall quality of life of the person with Parkinson’s disease and their caregiver.


This is where Step Up For Parkinson’s comes in.

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Step up for Parkinson’s is a voluntary organization that has been helping people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregiver since 2016 in Malta. The organisation hosts FREE specialized movement classes for people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregiver. What started off as an idea, fueled by passion grew into an organisation that prefers to call itself a FAMILY. In 2016 the first pilot study attracted 8 participants and this grew into an organisation with over 200 participants, 10 classes per week and a great team of 9 teachers who are all healthcare practitioners or dance artists. Endorsed by the head of Neurology Dr Malcolm Vella, Step Up for Parkinson’s is an organisation that has become a household name. Besides the ongoing classes, Step Up for Parkinson’s is a place where people feel that they belong, connect and have found a new family!


Step Up for Parkinson’s is going on TV!

Between January and June 2021, there will be a 15 minute TV programme aired daily from Monday to Saturday on ONETV.

This will include different exercises, shown by healthcare practitioners or dance artists, which have been created for the elderly and people with disabilities, such as Parkinson’s disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis. But, of course, everyone can join!


Help our Community and Be Part of the IMPACT!

Buy your daily advert on STEP UP TV SHOW! The money will go directly into the organisation Step Up for Parkinson’s. With this they can continue to run the organization, pay their teachers, continue their online classes and of course when they can meet face to face! If you do not want to advertise your own company, you can buy the airtime and DONATE this to other NGOs in need!


You help them, so that they can help MANY MORE people!

For more information call them on 99200822 or email