Name: Yasmin Vassallo
Age:   16
Title:  Shelby

It saddens me
to wake up today,
and not hear you
outside my door.

It saddens me
to not see your
smiling face every
time you see me.

It breaks me
every time I remember
the days I wasn’t
grateful enough
of your love.

It saddens me to
thinks, of the days
I didn’t hug you
because of my stupid
little problems.

And now the thought of
never seeing your bright
brown eyes shine
in the sunlight,

Your little claws pacing
on the tiled floor,
your white fur
loose in the wind,

And never hearing
your little bark
again, breaks me
to think I was

Never grateful
enough to have
you as my best friend.

But I’m grateful for
all the walks we went on,
for all the runs we ran.

I’m grateful for
everything you did,
fly high my
beautiful angel.