Name: Sarah Chetcuti
Age:   30
Title:  Reasons To Be Grateful

My fist slams down,

The laptop jumps in response.

I try deep breaths and

Counting to ten.

One, two, three, four…

Sometimes, I get to a hundred

Without feeling any different


Shoes, coat, keys,

And I’m out the door,

My feet lead the way

Of their own accord.

The afternoon breeze

Plays with a loose strand of hair,

And the familiar swing set,

Comes into view.


I pass the huge oak

And press my palm to its trunk,

Hoping to absorb

Some of its mossy calm.

The flowers tease me

With their playful hues

And unprocessed scents.

The leaves droop overhead,

A canopy of green

Against the setting sun.


The regulars are there;

the man walking his dog,

the girl on the bicycle,

the boy in the wheelchair.

I smile at his mother,

She smiles back,

Kindly but tiredly, wearily,

A mirror to my soul.


I head back then,

My blind fury dissolved,

Its irrational magnitude,

Chastened at last.


With so many reasons to be angry,

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget

All the ones to be grateful.