Overcoming The Impact of a Crime 


“It was by accepting a friend request on Facebook that I was scammed and lost a large amount of money. I felt so stupid and ashamed of trusting someone who was actually a criminal and to top it all, I gave him information about myself with which he can hurt me. Needless to say, my self esteem was at rock bottom and my outlook on life was bleak to say the least. I was offered the help of Victim Support Malta, which I accepted with the hope of making sense of the great confusion that I felt at the time. 

After the first meeting with the manager, I was assigned a therapist, with whom I had a weekly session online for 5 weeks and then fortnightly for another 5 sessions. With the help of this therapist I made heads and tails of my feelings. My confusion and shame began to decrease. I accepted the fact that these people are professional crooks who follow a script to fool the trusting person on the other side.

I have just had my 9th session and will have my last session in 2 weeks. I am so grateful for the help that I was given. I am almost back to my old, positive self, alive and happy (most of the time). I would recommend the Victim Support Malta to anyone who needs it - they can definitely help.”


– Victim of Cyber Crime, Malta.

From sexual harassment to revenge pornography, cybercrime to domestic violence – crime exists in many shapes and forms and could have a long-lasting detrimental impact on its victim, including psychological effects such as feelings of guilt and anxiety. All victims of crime should be recognised and treated in a respectful, sensitive and professional manner without discrimination of any kind.

Victim Support Malta (VSM) is the only Non-Governmental Organisation in Malta which provides support and assistance to victims of any reported or unreported  crime, including rape, domestic violence, cyber bullying, harassment, stalking, theft, fraud and so much more. They are at the front line of supporting the community in their most dire time of need. The services they provide include the provision of emotional support to assist victims in overcoming the trauma following a crime; legal information pertaining to the relative criminal procedures, the victims’ right to request compensation and to access forms of protection provided by law; as well as practical assistance such as liaison with the police and other ancillary matters.

Find out more about their services at http://victimsupport.org.mt/ or donate now via Paypal or by sending an SMS to 50617916 (€4.66) or 50619246 (€11.65) to help them keep their doors open to those in need - tomorrow it could be someone close to you.