Name: Amy Falzon Farrugia
Age:   13 
Title:  One Adventure At A Time

Running, Noah looked over his shoulder, he could see he made the wrong decision by running, but it was too late now, if he stopped there was no chance he’d make it out alive or in one piece. He said a silent prayer and hoped his death would be quick and painless.


All his life, Noah longed for something more, longing was so much more fun than dwelling on the little he had. He lived with a deadbeat drunk for a father and only saw his mother when she came home to pick up clothes and toiletries for rehab. Noah’s brother was the smart one, as soon as he found and opportunity he ran away. Noah wished he had enough courage to leave and run far away, maybe he could start over, but he knew he couldn’t, he knew couldn’t leave his family to fend for themselves.


Determined, Noah kept running and ignored his aching muscles. His legs were about to give out, when the monster chasing him grounded to a halt as if barricaded by an invisible wall. Noah limped out of the monster’s sight to recollect himself.


When Noah grew older, he decided to leave his family, but he sent them money every month to easy his guilty conscience. He still wanted more, he still wanted to fill the growing void in his heart, he wanted adventure. After packing his things, Noah relocated to Peru and scoured the country for the so-called ley lines said to pass through the Machu Picchu ruins. Ley lines are lines of power, the paths of some form of spiritual force or energy. Noah was set on finding them, and he did.


Lying in a cave Noah tried imagining the species of the monster that chased him, he tried to think up a rational explanation for the lion-wolf hybrid but could conjure up none. He only had one explanation, and it was far from rational. Magic. The monster stopped chasing Noah near the edge of the ruins, where the ley lines ended, so maybe the monster could only travel across ley lines. Even though his theory was extremely far fetched, it made an ounce of sense.


Tired, Noah closed his heavy, sleep deprived eyes and dreamt of all the adventures he was yet to go on, and all the near-death experiences he was yet to face and he slept peacefully knowing that his void was beginning to be filled. One adventure at a time.

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