Name: Cara Borg Aquilina
Age:   15
Title:  Obscure Gratitude

Vera & Olga Kriegel

The dead still standing in cattle cars

Sheer terror of threading on the deceased

Like steps


Aryan features moulded to faultlessness

As if God Himself crafted them for the White Angel

Laks was to meet her fortuity at the chambers

Alas, salvation bestowed upon her, her twin as benefactor


Off to the labs

Off to experimentation

Off to join the other 732 pairs of nameless souls

Off to conduct more genetic analysis

His fascination with the inheritance of the propensity to having twins

This lethal obsession

Laks indelibly recalls the removal of organs, no anaesthetic

Kriegel haunted by the injection to the heart, followed by dissection


The collection of eyes

Blue, brown, green eyes

“Staring at me like a collection of butterflies”

Peering down, to see others meeting a mutual destiny


Identity represented through numerals

January 26th 1945; guards were in frenzy

Petrol poured to obliterate concrete evidence

Soviets swarmed into the Death Factory the succeeding day


Kriegel calls to mind the troops; filming them

“They wanted to know what had happened to us “

Every detail was written down

“Regardless, our bodies alone spoke volumes.”


Mengele fled West, arrested by the US Army

Released as he lacked the SS blood group tattoo on his arm

Unaware that Todesengel was on a list of major war criminals

Worked as a farmhand in Bavaria, fled to Argentina, 1949.


Kriegel, Laks, all twins, victims to these unspeakable crimes

Cope with the appalling and unshakable ordeal as of present day

Trauma lurks within, inextirpable, inexpungible, inerasable

As you sow so shall you reap, He drowned following a stroke


Survivors do not manifest gratitude for His demise

But for seeing that justice has been served

And their lab rat identities have been long buried

Alongside the Angel of Death