Name: Joseph M Muscat
Age:   70
Title:  My Rose; Eternal Flame


My Rose Eternal Flame

As the first rain-drops drip on my windows,

When I am standing in our balcony;

I recall our days of our romantic journey,

Whilst looking at the gathering clouds.

Those were times of timid love,

Between two young aspirants

That met in their youthful years;

Amongst the cuddles and the tears.

As the days and years passed by,

Our passion  instilled  forth a boy

Who brought such future plans;

Which kept us in a loving bond.

The times of laughter and joy,

The aspirations for a bright future,

We became a living feature.

Our parents are gone now,

And some family members:

We just treasure our memories,

To recall the happy times and

The various sad moments.

Life is a great teacher for all:

 As once again for you I fall!