All The Numbers You Need During COVID-19

The Following Are The COVID-19 Malta Helplines and others:


Coronavirus Symptoms - 111

If you have coronavirus symptoms, call 111.


PHONE: 111

PHONE: +356 2132 4086


Supportline - 179

Supportline 179 is the national helpline offering information about local social welfare services and other agencies, and a referral service to callers who require support. It is also a national service to people who are in times of difficulty or crisis. 

PHONE: 179



Elderly Help - 2590 3030

If you are over 60 and need help with the delivery of medicines, ready-made meals or food products (incl. fruit and vegetables).

PHONE: 2590 3030


Assistance or Stuck Abroad - 2204 2200

If you are stuck abroad and need assistance.

PHONE: 2204 2200



Support Hotline for Voluntary Organisations 

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector is asking all VOs operating essential services, namely those whose services are of a health, disability, social and humanitarian nature (but not only) to identify (a) which services can be stopped and (b) which services need to continue; and (c) what support may be required for essential services to continue? If a VO needs either their support directly or that they intervene with the authorities on a particular issue, get in touch with them.  

PHONE: +356 7948 1120.


Mental Health Helpline - 1770

If you are battling mental health issues during this time, call 1770. This helpline, which is operated by Richmind Foundation, is open 24 hrs a day.

PHONE: 1770


General Support Helpline - 1772

If you’re feeling alone, isolated, or just in need of sharing your emotions with someone else, call 1772. Operated by the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, this helpline allows people to speak to social professional workers who will be listening, empathising and giving advice.

PHONE: 1772


Assistance in Quarantine - 2141 1411

If you are in quarantine and need help, including food or medicine delivery. 

PHONE: 2141 1411


Helpline for physiotherapy outpatients - 2208 1300

This helpline provides additional support to patients attending Karin Grech Hospital’s outpatient physiotherapy department. All patients who cannot attend their appointment because of COVID-19 restrictions, or who have any other concern in relation to their physiotherapy progress, can call the helpline between 7.30 am and 3 pm Mondays to Fridays and from 7.30 am to 12.30 pm on Saturdays.

PHONE:  2208 1300