Name: Amy Falzon Farrugia
Age:   13
Title:  Gratitude Through My Eyes

Life is short so I’d like to say

That I’m grateful for the night and the day

I’m grateful for the roof above my head

And the sheets that keep me warm in bed

The leaves that crunch beneath my feet

The bees that make honey ever so sweet

The sun that helps everything grow

The moon which provides us a steady glow


I’m grateful for my books that fill me with purpose

I’m grateful that I’m able to be writing these verses

I’m grateful that my pen is mightier than a sword

And that my words are good enough to win an award

I’m grateful that I remember the things I see

And that I’m not forced to be someone I don’t want to be


In the darkness of night

And the light of day

I’m grateful for not being led astray

I’m grateful for the world that let us roam

And gave us a place to truly call home